Jeudi 23 juin 2011

Way to iPad/iPod touch video problems

Can I put my own dvd to ipad?

How to enjoy videos on ipod and ipad?

May I put the avi/mov video onto ipod/ipad?

I have experienced similar problems. And I hope that people can solve a problem as quickly as possible. So here I introduce how to put your videos on iPad/iPod/iPhone.

How to Put Videos on iPad?

If you want to enjoy your favorite movies on your new bought iPad anytime and anywhere. Good news, you have come the right place, the Video Converter for iPad is your best choice, with which you can easily put videos on iPad. First free download the converter software, and then follow the guide below to start to learn how to put videos on iPad.

Tips: If you are a Mac user, you can have a try another video converter for ipad.

Preparation: Follow the wizard to complete the installation task.

Step 1. Launch the Video to iPad Converter

Double click the shortcut icon to start the converter software, and then choose the video converter to iPad.

Step 2. Add files

Click “Open File” button to import the common video files into the video to iPad Converter.

Step 3. Output settings

Click the upper “…” button to set the output format, and then click the “…” button to set the output folder for the converted files.

Step 4: Start to convert video to iPad

At last, check the above settings, and then click the “Convert” button to start the conversion.

After that, with the help of iTunes, you can put videos on iPad easily. Well done, that’s the guide about how to put videos on iPad, sincerely hope it can help you a lot.


How to Put Videos on iPod touch?

According to iPod touch’s official page, there are many technical specifications for iPod touch video file. For this reason, if you have an iPod touch and want to put videos on iPod touch, you need a iPod touch Video Converter. Follow below steps to put videos on iPod touch with the ipod touch video converter.

Step 1: Open the files you want to convert to iPod touch by clicking “Open file”.

Step 2: Chose Profile to convert the video and select Output folder.

Step 3: Click “Convert” begin to put videos on iPod touch.

Step 4: Load the videos to iPod touch by clicking ‘File -> Update iPod’.

That’s all! The steps of how to put movies on iPod touch are quite simple! Now, put videos on iPod touch as quickly as possible. By the way, here is the step by step guide on put dvd to ipod touch. It can help you to rip DVD and convert video and flash to iPod touch/classic/video/nano Video MP4. Go ahead!

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Mercredi 01 juin 2011

Practical and useful iPad tips

Well, with great new features like two video cameras, a faster processor and a thinner design, the iPad 2 is the world’s best tablet device. The iPad can be a wonderful, loyal companion and friend, but it can also take a while to warm up to. Now it’s time to go beyond upsizing all your iPhone apps and get to the nitty-gritty of iPad awesomeness. Check out our list of tips and tricks that’ll have you wowing your friends and working more efficiently with your new device. Check your App updates
If you have an iPod touch or iPhone, check for app updates with iTunes. There’s a good chance some of your apps are ready to to be updated for the iPad. By the way, you can transfer apps to ipad from you PC/Mac is avoidable
You’re Not Trapped in the iBookstore
There are gazillions of public domain books in the ePub format on the web. Some of those free books are available in the iBookstore for free, but not all. All of them should work with your iPad and show up in iBooks.
Here are a few places to get books: Google books, Project Gutenberg
Once you’ve downloaded those books, just drop them into iTunes and sync them to your iPad.
Don’t forget, you can also use the Kindle App for iPad.
Send SMS
Just because you don’t have a phone in the iPad doesn’t mean you can’t send SMS to friends. There are tons of free sms apps in the App Store you can try out. Also, you can send SMS with AIM. Just fire up AIM and to send a text message to a friend, just send the message to your friend’s phone number with +1 at the beginning.
Where are My iPad Only Apps?
iTunes pulls a cruel trick by putting your iPad only apps at the bottom of your apps list. Just scroll on down to the bottom. There they are.
You can also put iTunes in list view to scroll quickly through your apps and organize by Kind.
Share Documents
If you’re wondering where Pages, Numbers and other Apps that save files keep their files. Take a gander at the Apps tab when you plug in your iPad. Scroll down and you’ll see the File Sharing. Check out the apps that utilize fie sharing and the actual documents.
When you’re ready to sync your files, use the Add.. button to add your files and work with them on the go. RAD!
No Facebook iPad App? Try
If you’re concerned that the Facebook app is still stuck in iPhone land, why not try Because the iPad is bigger, the sites that were difficult to read on the iPhone are usable on the iPad.
My Old iPod/iPhone Dock Stuff
Bad news, we couldn’t the iPad to work with some of our old iPod /iPhone dock stuff. Obviously, it wouldn’t fit in some, but in others it just gave us a warning that the product wasn’t made for the iPad. We even tried hooking it up to our car stereo via the dock connection. Maybe a software update will allow us to dock in the future.
Copy and Paste Photos Instead of Sharing
You can only email five pictures from the Photo app using the Email button. You can copy far more and paste them into the Mail app. Need to send 15 pictures? Copy and paste them from the Photo app into a Mail document.
Create Your Own Wallpaper
iPad wallpaper images should be 1024×768, or you can just use this super rad one. To assign your image to your home screen background or lock screen, launch the Photo app.
Tap to enlarge the image you want to use. Tap on the share button. Tap Use as Wallpaper. Resize the image to your liking and tap Set Lock Screen, Set Home Screen or Set Both. Just transfer photos to ipad and have a try.
Reinstall Misbehaving Apps
If an app is still acting wonky, even after a hard reset, it’s a good idea to reinstall it. Make sure you have a copy of the app on the computer you sync you iPad to. On the iPad hold down on the app until it gets the jiggles. Click the X that appears above it and delete it. Sync your iPad and be sure to include the offending app. Unless the app is just buggy by design, you should be good to go.
Picture Frame
Got an iPad dock? Now your iPad can be one of those picture frames you give to your mom. While the iPad is locked, click on the white flower for the slideshow to begin.
You can adjust the photo settings in Settings>Picture Frame.
Safari Quick Scroll
Need to get back to the top of a webpage? Tap the menu bar to zoom back up to the top. Just like the iPhone.
Tap Home to Get Home
Press the Home button while on navigating your Home screens to return to the main Home screen. Tap it again to get to the search page.
Bookmarks Bar Always On
If you’re a slave to bookmarks bar, having it on all the time is a life saver.
To leave the bookmarks bar on all the time while surfing with Safari.Go to Settings>Safari there you’ll see Always Show Bookmarks Bar. Turn it on.
Six in the Dock
Apple kept showing off the iPad with four app in the dock. You can actually put six down there. Tap and hold on an app until the apps jiggle, then drag two of your favorite apps down. That’s it.
Rearrange Your Search Results
When doing a global search on the iPad, the default results display is to put contacts first. If you’d rather have apps or songs or even podcasts first, you can adjust the results by navigating to Settings>General>Home>Search Results. Tap and hold on the three light grey bars to the right of an item, then drag it up and down to suit your needs.
Find My iPad
If you’re afraid you might misplace your rather large iPad. Grab yourself a MobileMe account and turn on Find My iPad. It’s actually off by default so to turn it on. Navigate to Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars>Your MobileMe account. There you go, just turn it on.
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Mercredi 25 mai 2011

Jacket for iPad 2 Review

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Incase Magazine Jacket for iPad 2


When the iPad 2 first came out there weren’t many available cases for owners to buy because Apple had kept information about its dimensions and specs under tight control to ensure the hype didn’t die down. At the time of the iPad 2 debut, only the Apple Smart Cover was available to offer some degree of protection of the tablet. In the weeks that followed the release of the iPad 2, I’m sure Apple made a few cool million dollars just from Smart Cover sales alone.


However, iPad 2 owners now have many choices to protect their beloved Apple tablets. And the jacket can helps you enjoying songs, movies well, you just need to upload movies to ipad 2, transfer pictures to ipad. And, to be fair, Apple’s iPad 2 Smart Cover doesn’t include a portrait stand.




The Incase Magazine Jacket offers the iPad 2 protection through hybrid elements. It has a front flap similar to the Smart Cover, without the magnets. It has a hard back to encase the iPad 2 with full exposure on the top and bottom of the tablet (easy access to the power button, headphone jack, and sync port). The speaker and the volume and mute buttons are exposed on the side and bottom corner.


The back case also has an elastic band which can be used to keep the front flap securely covered as needed. The back also has two plastic notches to catch the flap in order to turn the Magazine Jacket into a stand for better viewing angles.


Similar to the Smart Cover, the front flap can be manipulated to tilt the iPad 2 into a comfortable typing position.




I’ve been using the Incase Magazine Jacket for several weeks now and found it a good compromise between design, style, and practicality. It’s not a beautiful or stylish case, but has the professional folio appearance. It more than adequately does the job of protecting the iPad 2, as well as offer the flexibility of multiple viewing angles.


If the front flap had microfiber lining to buff the screen when closed and a magnet to enable the instant-on feature — both features of the Smart Cover — then it would be a great case for $50.


iPad Sleeves & Bags - Incase Book Jacket for iPad 2


iPad 2 version of Incase's popular Convertible Book Jacket. Complete protection, and allows for multiple viewing angles. Suitable for iPad 2.


Don't let the new shorter name fool you. We've redesigned our famous Convertible Book Jacket for Apple's iPad 2. Now dubbed simply the Book Jacket, it gives your iPad 2 complete protection and enhanced functionality. The new Book Jacket opens to convert into a stand with three viewing positions and has a low-profile working angle that's perfect for comfortable typing. A durable elastic band secures it closed for easy carrying. We've also added a precision-cut camera hole so it's a snap to take pictures with your iPad 2 still safely protected.



    * Travel case opens to function as a stand

    * Three viewing angles and one working angle

    * Complete iPad 2 protection

    * Suede lining for better protection

    * Secure elastic band closure

    * Camera lens cutout and direct access to all iPad 2 features

Color: Black

Price: $79.95


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Jeudi 05 mai 2011

about Putting Photos on iPad

Once on the iPad, photo sharing is great. With just a tap, neat little stacks of thumbnails bloom into a full screen of images, which you can shuffle through by simply swiping your finger. You can view photos by albums, events, faces and places, assuming you have assigned photos to these categories in iPhoto before transfer. It’s a perfect photo album. If you just want to know how to transfer photos from ipad to computer, follow this guide.


The good news is that Apple offers a Camera Connection Kit that enables you to easily add photos via an SD card adapter and a cable that can be used with most digital cameras. (Read well: you can only use an SD memory card with the adapter.)The bad news? The Camera Connection Kit lacks two important capabilities that you’d assume would be included in a $30 add-on (they always get you with the accessories).


And it’s overpriced at $30. I suggest that Apple offer the SD card connector and the camera cord as separate $15 products. You really only need one or the other, depending on your preferences.


Have a lot of pictures and wanna transfer pictures to iPad without iTunes? With the third party software's help, I think it’s the best combination. You can easily transfer pictures to ipad without itunes, iPad 2, iPod, or iPhone is also OK. It also can transfer files between iOS devices and computer, including music, videos, photos, podcasts, TV shows, etc. Follow the guide below to transfer pictures to iPad step by step.


Step 1: Launch the installed software onto PC and link iPad to computer.


Step 2: Select "Photo" in the left list, then click “PC to iPad”button to load your local pictures.

Tips: Right click you selected picture, you can delete them from your iPad directly.


Step 3: Then, click “Add File” to browse and load photo files to iPad.


That's all, if you think this method is easy and useful, share it with more friends in need.

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Lundi 18 avril 2011

The top ipad games - cheap but good

So you've got an iPad or your shiny new iPad 2, looking for some new apps for your iPad? Also, I am looking for something inexpensive. Here, including some fun games, more best free ipad apps, just take a look. That, some users just like download ebooks for ipad, enjoy reading anywhere is the right choice.


Bug Heroes ($1.99) is like a blend of tower defense, RPG, and adventure game genres. Defend your base from hordes ofbugs by fortifying your bases with supplies and killing enemies with various weapons and fighting skills. Explore new territory and collect coins and weapons. There’s a little bit of everything here. One of the best critically reviewed games on the iPad.


Fruit Ninja HD ($2.99) is a fun fruit-slicing game that offers a unique fast-finger-swiping touchscreen experience. Slice up fruit when it flies onto the screen. Avoid slicing the flying bombs. Create special combos by slicing up the same fruit into multiple pieces during flight. A whimsical game that will have your fingers, hands, and arms flying and your mouth smiling.


Real Racing 2 HD ($1.99) is a realistic racing game featuring over 30 real cars to race in 15 different locations. Play in a career mode or race others via online multiplayer. Supports up to 16 racers! Keep your progress synched across multiple devices. Sharp, detailed, realistic graphics.


Little Things ($2.99) is a hidden-object game with beautiful, colorful graphics. Search among the hundreds of items that make up a picture of a much larger item. Zoom in and out and the graphics stay sharp. Find all the requested items to move on to the next level. A casual, stress-free game with relaxing background music. Great for kids and adults alike.


MaxAdventure ($0.99) is a combination of a survival shooter and an adventure game. Aliens have invaded and locked up all the adults. Use Max to kill aliens and free friends. Collect new weapons and treasure to upgrade Max. Use the right kind of gun to destroy alien pods before they hatch. Addictive gameplay.


Uber Racer 3D – Sandstorm ($0.99) is a realistic racing game with plenty of jumps, shortcuts, and extras to keep this from becoming a boring racer-on-rails experience. What it lacks in uber graphics it makes up in excellent deep gameplay and a cheap price.


War Pinball HD ($2.99) may be the best pinball table from Gameprom, makes of other iPhone/iPad pinball classics like Wild West Pinball and Pinball HD for iPad. War Pinball offers three different tables based on three classic action movies: Platoon, Missing in Action (with Chuck Norris!), and Navy Seals. Features soundtracks and voice acting from the movies.


Burn the Rope HD ($0.99) is an excellent little puzzler that, with over 110 levels, gives you a lot of bang for the buck. The basics are that you try to burn as much rope as you can during the level, with the catch being a rope will only burn upwards. Rotate the iPad so that the rope can continue to burn. Your task is quickly complicated or helped by bugs that will throw unique twists on how and where your flame will burn. A unique casual puzzler.


Predators ($0.99) is a bloody hack-n-slash combat game set in the Predator movie franchise. As a Predator, take on humans who have been chosen for their ability to kill. Exterminate them using your special Predator weapons and skills. Bloody action with heads and limbs flying.


Mummy’s Treasure ($0.99) is a challenging physics-based puzzler. It plays like a twist on Jenga—remove the blocks so that you keep the treasure but destroy the monsters. Wickedly well-designed levels will keep you challenged throughout.


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Jeudi 31 mars 2011

iPad vs iPad 2 - The Main Differences

So the iPad 2 is been launched now and will be available for sale soon. If you own iPad and are too excited by the launch of iPad 2, go on reading the difference between iPad and iPad 2, from which you can find the details.


iPad and iPad 2 are similar in design. Apple retained the same display used in iPad in the iPad 2 also. However, the new iPad 2 is slimmer, lighter, faster and has more features than iPad. Unlike iPad’s two variations, iPad 2 has 3 variations. It has Wi-Fi only model and two 3G models one for GSM network and the other support CDMA network. In US the GSM model is available with AT&T and the CDMA model is available with Verizon from March 11, 2011. iPad 2 also offers two color choice, it has white and black models. By the way, if you have an ipad , the Resources about ipad ebooks and free apps for ipad maybe help you makes ipad more interesting. .




1. iPad 2 is amazingly slim and light, it’s just 8.8 mm (0.34 inches) thin and weighs 1.33 pounds, that is 33% thinner and 15% lighter than iPad. But still the display (9.7 inches, 1024×768 pixels with IPS technology) and the body are the same (Single slab of aluminum in the back and the face is the same scratch resistance oleophobic coated glass). Only a slight different in the design, iPad 2 has angled edges. The edges are tapered to reduce weight.

2. Two cameras are new in iPad 2, a 5 MP rare camera with the capability for 720p HD video recording and a front-facing camera for video chat using FaceTime. There is no flash for the camera.

3. More powerful 1 GHz dual core A5 processor is used in iPad 2. iPad is built with 1GHz A4 processor.

4. Main memory is doubled, iPad 2 has 512 MB while iPad has only 256 MB.



1. iPad 2 offers better multitasking experience with the support of 1GHz dual core high performance A5 application processor, 512 MB RAM and the improved iOS 4.3.

2. The new A5 processor’s clock speed is twice faster than A4 and 9 times better (in practice we can expect 5 – 7 times better performance) on graphics while the power consumption remains same.

3. Excellent browsing experience – the Safari browser is improved with Nitro JavaScript engine with the iOS 4.3 upgrade. When both run iOS 4.3, iPad 2 shows about 80% better performance than iPad and pages load around 35% faster than iPad.


Apple iPad 2 will be a benchmark product in Apple’s Smartphone and Tablet Family, it gives an excellent performance.


Additional Features

1. HDMI capability – you can connect to HDTV via Apple digital AV adapter (cost an extra US$39). It has HDMI mirroring capability but mirroring is not available for video playback.

2. The new operating system iOS 4.3 has improved on some features and added additional features like iTunes home sharing, PhotoBooth, improved iMovie ($4.99 from App Store) and improved AirPlay. With improved AirPlay you can wirelessly stream your media content to HDTV or speakers via AppleTV.

3. Preference for iPad Switch to mute or for rotation lock and parental control to restrict access to some applications are two other new features in iOS 4.3.

4. New application GarageBand ($4.99 from App Store)


However iPad is also compatible with iOS 4.3 and iPad users can upgrade their OS to 4.3. Now it is iOS 4.3.1 (released 25 March 2011)



1. Smart Cover – Apple introduces a new bendable magnatic case for iPad 2, named as Smart Cover. Which will cost an extra US $39.

2. Wireless Keyboard – a thin keyboard which can be connected over Bluetooth

3. iPad 2 Dock


Apple Digital AV adapter is same as the previous one. These accessories are not included to the box, you have to purchase these separately. iPad 1 accessories are compatible with iPad 2, however due to the reduced thickness the first generation dock won’t be an exact fit.



iPad 2 will be available in the US market from March 11th and to the global market starting from March 25th.

Market Price differences for iPad and iPad 2

Variants       US        UK       Australia

iPad      iPad 2   iPad      iPad 2   iPad      iPad 2

16GB Wi-Fi       $399     $499     -     £399     A$449 A$579

32GB 3G+WiFi        $629     $729     £499     £579     A$729 A$839


Well, this is it. Anyways I am going to wait for iPad 3 or iPad 4. Have you decide to get ipad 2?

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